A network Spades game for Linux and Windows


Free-Spades is a free and open-source networked version of the classical card game of Spades. It supports 4 simultaneous players, any one of which can act as a server for the others.
You can play over the Internet or in the local LAN, the only requirement being that if the server is behind a firewall/router, the server port should be opened/forwarded accordingly.
A stand-alone server is planned, as well as more advanced features such as player/teams scores database and ladder tournaments.
Free-Spades is beta software. You will probably encounter some bugs. Please report the bugs via the SourceForge ticket system.

More details at the project home on SourceForge
The most recent information, along with a bug reporting system, can be found at the FreeSpades Trac

Development status

Free-Spades is still in beta development phase, but is deemed to be stable enough for testing and casual play. So far Free-Spades runs on Linux. A binary build for Microsoft Windows XP is available too but it may not run on all systems.

Reporting bugs: Use the Trac interface


Free-Spades on Linux
Free-Spades on Windows (Wine)


Free-Spades needs both Python >= 2.6 and PyQt >= 4.6 to run.
It may run on older versions of Python and PyQt with unpredictable results.On Debian based distributions: apt-get install python python-qt4 python-pysqlite2
The binary version of Free-Spades only needs the Visual-C++ 8.0 runtime to be installed.
If Free-Spades fails to start, you can download it from the link below:
Visual C++ runtime from Microsoft download center

Download Free-Spades

You can download the latest version of Free-Spades here

To get the latest code and participate in development, clone the GIT repository:
git clone freespades


Quick Installation

Make sure you have installed all dependencies as described above. Extract the archive to a convenient location. Open a terminal and type:

Extract the folder to a convenient location on your drive. Run spades.exe

Basic usage

To run the game server, go to File -> Connect and enter the port for the server and your nickname. Leave empty the Host field to listen on all network interfaces. Enter the local LAN address (eg. to create a LAN only server. Then click Connect As Server, choose a position on the table and wait for all players to join. A maximum of 4 players are currently supported. When all players have joined, click the Start button (blue arrow) and then the Deal button to deal the cards to the players. To connect to a known server as a client, go to File -> Connect and enter the hostname or IP address of the server, the port, and your desired nickname. Then click the Connect button, choose a position on the table (greyed buttons are unavailable positions) and wait for the server to start the game and deal the cards. When you have received the cards, place the bid and start playing according to the official rules.


Free-Spades is licensed under GPLv2.
You may use, distribute and copy Free-Spades under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, which is attached to this software, or (at your option) any later version.